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Symptom on the top of plants
Virus on bell pepper

General    Vietnam

Can you guys help me determine what kind of virus and how is it spreading? They are popular on my greenhouse and neighbors. Thanks you so much for your help!

Asked by: Phan Dung (1 point)   Posted:March 21, 2018

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I propagated four strawberry plants from the mother plant via runners

Strawberry    South Africa

Three of the four plants have dark green to charcoal in color leaves. One has started to push up the lighter normal green color leaves. What can cause this?

Asked by: Phillip Armstrong (1 point)   Posted:March 19, 2018

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Trying to update an old post of mine

PlantVillage    Texas

I posted about my key lime tree issues about 2 years ago. I wanted to put in an update but every time I try I get a “Sorry, something went wrong” error message. Any ideas?

Asked by: Geoff (2 points)   Posted:March 18, 2018

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Co5 variety
Cumbu napier grass

General    Indiana

What are all the pests affect Cumbu napier fodder grass in india? & it's management.

Asked by: Ravi (1 point)   Posted:March 17, 2018

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What are these black spots? It occurs in the minority of my broccoli sprouts.
What are this black spots/disease On My Broccoli Sprout?

Broccoli    Singapore

Hello, I've noticed that approximately 20% of my broccoli sprouts have black spots on the leaves. I have uploaded a picture of these black spots on a broccoli...

Asked by: Kevin ng (1 point)   Posted:March 17, 2018

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Image captured using a camera
Image database of pomegranate fruits

Image Database    India

Dear sir, I am Arun Kumar, a research scholar from India. I am working on "Grading of Pomegranate fruits using Digital Image Processing". In this regard I just wanted...

Asked by: Arun (1 point)   Posted:March 16, 2018

1 answer    28 views

alternaria disease

Potato    California

hi i am student and i need data set of atleast 300 potato leaf healthy and infected both.

Asked by: prabhjot (1 point)   Posted:March 14, 2018

1 answer    53 views

sample image
Image Database

Spinach    India

I would like get sample image set for spinach as a part of project. Is there a public database for the spinach

Asked by: Anusree Vijayan (1 point)   Posted:March 13, 2018

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What is this disease ?

Orange    Turkey

What are caused these stains in fruit ? Very happy if you help... Thank you Regards

Asked by: heisenberg (1 point)   Posted:February 15, 2018

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Caterpillar infestation in Radish
What are these black caterpillars?

Radish    India

Needs help in the identification of these caterpillar which have completely skeletonised the leaves of Radish plant.

Asked by: Rupinder Singh (13 points)   Posted:February 13, 2018

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I downloaded this image from the link i have given below
Identification of lentil plant leaf disease using Image Processing techniques

Lentil    Thailand

I want to develop a model based on Image Processing for plant leaf disease detection. For this i would like to choose lentil plant because there are very less research done on...

Asked by: Anjali Acharya (1 point)   Posted:February 10, 2018

2 answers    176 views

Diseases or poisoning?

Pepper, bell    Iran

Hello, Do you know what the problem with these peppers? Leaves necrosis started from old leaves and spread to new leaves. Root and crown are good and they are not showing...

Asked by: golsam (1 point)   Posted:February 8, 2018

3 answers    196 views

image databases

Image Database    Pakistan

Hundreds of paper authors are referring me towards plant village for datasets of diseased leaf but plant village is not giving me dataset or even not its links so i could...

Asked by: waqar001 (1 point)   Posted:February 2, 2018

3 answers    495 views

Bug infestation
What bug is this in Broad Bean?

Bean    Nepal

Hello. I am distraught to see these small black bugs infesting my precious plants. What are these? Are these bugs specific to this plant? Do they have any natural...

Asked by: Parikshit (1 point)   Posted:January 27, 2018

4 answers    251 views

it is my own

Lemon    Somalia

Hi, again I am facing a serious problem in my citrus trees, recently I have seen these insects which I couldn't know their importance. on the other hand the Insects are always...

Asked by: Aidarus (1 point)   Posted:January 23, 2018

2 answers    253 views

What does it take to have the PlantVillage dataset available?

PlantVillage    Canada

So, I have searched through the blog and seen multiple requests to access the PlantVillage dataset. The reply from the author so far is "We don't have the resources to host the...

Asked by: liam (1 point)   Posted:January 17, 2018

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What are these spots on my Pineapple Guava leaves?

Guava    Italy

Hi! I have two plants of feijoa/acca sellowiana/pineapple guava planted one and two years ago. I noticed some black/brown spots on their leaves as in the pics. Do you know...

Asked by: Mirko (1 point)   Posted:January 14, 2018

2 answers    288 views

what disease is this muskmelon leaf symptom?

Cucumber    Burma

We are facing a serious problem in our muskmelon growing areas and the growers are disappointed by the disease and are not able to control this because they did not know exact...

Asked by: mr htwe (1 point)   Posted:January 14, 2018

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The leaves turn yellow

Cucumber    Burma

The cucumber leaves are turning yellow. And they become wilting from the base. Please let me know what it is and how to control it.

Asked by: mr htwe (1 point)   Posted:January 14, 2018

2 answers    257 views

google map
building the grape garden next to the river

General    Iran

Is it right to build a grape garden near water resources such as the river? In such a situation, does the risk of the disease increase? Location details: Weather: Cloudy and...

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:January 8, 2018

2 answers    221 views

Top of a leaf
White raised spots on Kale. Does anyone know what this is?

Kale    Colorado

This is Red Russian Kale grown hydroponically in an indoor system. Air temperature maintained at 70 Day/60 Night with ~75% humidity. These are showing up toward the bottom of...

Asked by: David (1 point)   Posted:January 4, 2018

3 answers    247 views

Upper surface
Leaves turn into necrosis and brown

Watermelon    Burma

Thanks for your kindly reply.I've just sent you an upper surface photo.Please guide me what to do to it.

Asked by: Ye Aung (1 point)   Posted:January 2, 2018

1 answer    252 views

Muskmelon leaf symptom

General    Burma

I am facing a different muskmelon leaf symptom which is difficult to define. Please let me know what it could be and possible solution.

Asked by: Mr Ye Aung (1 point)   Posted:December 30, 2017

1 answer    225 views

Watermelon leaf
Watermelon leaves are necrotic and blighted leaf margins

General    Burma

Please help me, I have a problem with my watermelon field. I don't know what is the reason, disease or deficiency. Please provide the solution to this problem and a possible...

Asked by: Mr Ye Aung (1 point)   Posted:December 30, 2017

1 answer    219 views

It is my own
Lemon tree

Lemon    Somalia

Hi good afternoon, I have a problem in this lemon tree which exhibits a small spots on the leaves as you can see them right now. on the other hand I am in northern regions of...

Asked by: Aidarus (1 point)   Posted:December 29, 2017

1 answer    232 views

One of the browning watermelon babies :(
Watermelons not growing

Watermelon    New Zealand

Hi all! I've been growing watermelon plants from a seed for a couple of months now, and the plants look healthy and green. There have been a few watermelons growing, but once...

Asked by: Naomi (1 point)   Posted:December 29, 2017

1 answer    191 views

concentric brown spots

Basil    Morocco

Disease in basil which produces this type of patches?

Asked by: Sara (1 point)   Posted:December 26, 2017

2 answers    248 views

Roya on tarragon

Tarragon    Morocco

Good morning, the tarragon has a disease on the leaves and we do not have much idea of what can be. Maybe Roya?. I know that is quite difficult recognize a disease through a...

Asked by: Sara (1 point)   Posted:December 26, 2017

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brown patchs on Murraya koenigii

General    Morocco

Good morning! I have a question in relation to the Murraya koenigii leaves. In some of our trees there are appearing some brown patchs on the leaves, with strange shapes that I...

Asked by: Sara (1 point)   Posted:December 26, 2017

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What is the cause of these symptoms?

General    Syria

What could be causing these symptoms? The symptoms initially appear on the older leaves. Are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency or Verticillium disease?

Asked by: Asem ebrahim (2 points)   Posted:December 21, 2017

1 answer    201 views