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Pineapple, Ananas comosus, is an herbaceous biennial or perennial plant in the family Bromeliaceae grown for its edible fruit. The pineapple plant has a short stout stem and a...
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Yellowing of the fruit before it should be ripe.
Does my pineapple plant have a disease or am I over/under watering it? Help!

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I bought a pineapple plant last August and have had trouble finding good instructions on how to care for it. Over the past 2 months some of my pineapple plants leaves have...

Asked by: Erica Head (1 point)   Posted:February 22, 2017

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I want to do pineapple farming in Iran

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Hi, I wanted to know which place in Iran is good for pineapple farming? Can I grow pineapples in shomal area or not? Any advice will be welcome. Thanks

Asked by: Jalal (1 point)   Posted:September 23, 2016

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