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Many people want to use PlantVillage images for projects (commercial and non-commercial). We ideally would like to provide this to the community but the cost of hosting this platform is very high. We have spent >$450,000 on PlantVillage since inception. We have spent>$250,000 on collecting images alone. Below is a list of >200,000 images. If you want them you can tell us 

What images do you want? 

Who are you? (Provide a website address to your group). 

What is the purpose of the request (commercial, non-commercial)?

There will be a contract between you and Penn State on how you can use these images based on your feedback. 

The money we will charge will go to further the work on PlantVillage and pay for administrative costs at the University (called overheads). No individual person profits from the money you spend on these images. 

We are doing a lot here at PlantVillage. We have very little bandwidth to engage with you on questions so please only write if you are serious about buying them. There is no set price. It depends on your ability to pay and so that varies on whether you are a start-up, established company or student at a University. Note that just because you are a University doesn't imply any cost because whatever ML algorithm you produce has commercial value to your University and many Universities are pushing to commercialize the work.

Please note that for all ML approaches the limiting step is the training data. PlantVillage's dataset is the most diverse and most intensively curated by experts in crop diseases. It was sourced from 6 countries (USA, Colombia, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania) at  research institutions where experts identified the crop diseases. 

Please direct inquiries to plantvillage.group@gmail.com


David Hughes