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Hazelnut (filbert)
Hazelnut, belongs to the family Corylus, which includes C. avellana (Common or European hazelnut) and the closely related species C. maxima (filbert). Hazels are deciduous trees...
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Phyllody in Corylus avellana

Hazelnut (filbert)    None Given

Hello, Do you think the abnormal development of the catkins could be a Phyllody (probably causes by phytoplasma)? Images taken July 2017 in Republic of Georgia

Asked by: Eloy (1 point)   Posted:August 2, 2017

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Is this a hazelnut gone wrong!?
Is this a hazelnut gone wrong!?

Hazelnut (filbert)    Sussex. England

Hi, I hope you might be able to help me identify this plant. Is it looks like a little hazel?

Asked by: tracey (1 point)   Posted:September 20, 2016

1 answer    385 views

What is the cause of the discoloration of the leaves and what should I do?

Hazelnut (filbert)    None Given

Since the trees were planted 6 months ago (in the Southern Hemisphere) the leaves have had brown edges. The trees have definitely been receiving enough water. In fact I'm more...

Asked by: Jack (2 points)   Posted:April 30, 2016

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georgia hazelnut

Hazelnut (filbert)    georgia. st samegrelo. agro migros nuts.

We have a nut plantation. Can you help us. How to create a new nut seedlings?

Asked by: goga (1 point)   Posted:December 14, 2015

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