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The globe artichoke, Cynara scolymus, is an herbaceous perennial thistle in the family Asteraceae grown for its edible fleshy flowerhead, or heart, which is considered a...
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Leaf issues, getting crunchy at end
Artichoke leave issues

Artichoke    None Given

I am growing artichokes from seed for the first time this year. They were planted on Feb 14. I am located in zone 6. They were doing great transplanted into bigger pots and some...

Asked by: Rachel (1 point)   Posted:April 8, 2016

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Help with Artichoke

Artichoke    None Given

Hi, Do you know what's wrong with my artichoke? Please let me know how I can rescue it Thank you ****Update****** Thank you for your response. Seems like it's affecting...

Asked by: virginia (2 points)   Posted:March 11, 2014

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Brown shriveled leaves on artichoke seedlings

Artichoke    MI

I have been growing up some globe artichoke transplants and they were doing great. However over the last couple of days, the leaves at the bottom of the plants have started to...

Asked by: Abby (7 points)   Posted:March 14, 2013

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